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Repeat Scripts & Referrals

Patients are able to order repeat prescription medication or a referral to a specialist via our website or the Hot Doc app.


Current patients who have previously been prescribed the medication in question at the practice are able to use this service. High risk or addictive medications such as opiates cannot be obtained through this service.

Requests for repeat prescriptions MAY take up to THREE business days (not including Saturday) to be processed. URGENT requests will usually be completed by the CLOSE OF BUSINESS of the DAY FOLLOWING the request (not including Saturday), although this is subject to the timing of your request, your regular doctor consulting on the day the request was received, and having the request approved on clinical grounds.


Current patients who have been referred to the specialist for the same condition previously through our Centre are able to use this service.

A range of fees apply for these services, which are dependent on the nature of the request.

To request a repeat script or referral and see the schedule of fees please click on the BOOK NOW button.


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